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  • Blair Digital Chanter™ (Engraved Ferrule and Sole) ** IN STOCK **

Blair Digital Chanter™ (Engraved Ferrule and Sole) ** IN STOCK **


$1,095.00 each

Blair Digital Chanter with Hand Engraved Victorian mounts.

World class pipe sounds you can play anywhere, anytime and the ability to load more bagpipes into it’s memory!

Watch Videos of the Blair Digital Chanter

The Blair Digital Chanter lets you play the sound of world-class Highland Bagpipe, Scottish Smallpipe or Practice Chanter. With a full rich tone of real Bagpipes in stereo, actual finger holes, a high quality studio Reverb, and a huge pitch range, you can play anywhere, anytime.
The Blair Digital Chanter can be used for performance, practice or recording. Always in tune and fully customizable with the ability to load even more bagpipes into it’s memory via the free Blair Bagpipes PC App (Smallpipes and Highland Pipes in different keys).
Turn everyday piping into an extraordinary playing experience.

The Blair Digital Chanter lets you play world-class bagpipe sounds. It has real holes, a stunning OLED screen and real bagpipe sounds. The design of chanter is authentic and it’s truly an extraordinary playing experience.

The Blair Digital Chanter has an adjustable pitch range of 440-486Hz and always in tune. The scale includes a Piobaireachd High G, F and C natural and vibrato on Fb, F, E, D. It’s easy to adjust the instruments pitch to play along with your favorite pipe band, piping CD or other music group.

The individually adjustable finger sensors are embedded into the body of the chanter and can be adjusted to the way you play. That’s complete flexibility in customising each sensor for each finger!

The Blair Digital Chanter also includes a Metronome with a volume control to blend in with your pipe sound. The Metronome has 2 distinct percussion sounds (yes, real sounds!) with 8 select-able beat patterns to choose from.

Modern features
Stereo sound
• Single smart button for selecting instruments and editing menus
• Large OLED display
• USB rechargeable battery. Provides up to 6 hours of playing depending on your settings and usage.
• MIDI. Connect to an iPad, PC so you can continue playing ‘bagpipe fingering’ but generate the sounds of other instruments such as violins, synthesisers, guitars, brass instruments, any Midi instrument! For example Garageband.
• Aircraft-grade chromed aluminum mountings complete with Blair logo, or exquisite premium hand-engraved mountings by the worlds best engraving artists.  (Victorian design).

World-class stereo sound
Highland Bagpipes
Scottish Smallpipes
Practice Chanter
+ ability to load an additional 6 sets of bagpipes into its memory;
C Scottish Smallpipes
D Scottish Smallpipes
Breton ‘Do’ Bagpipe by G1 Reeds
A Chromatic Bagpipe
Bmin Bagpipe
Emajor Bagpipe and many more.
A total of 9 Bagpipes can be stored in the Chanter (3 default, 6 custom).

Adjustable settings
Reverbprofessional studio quality (read more)
Drone volume control (Adjust the Tenor and Bass Drones on Highland Bagpipe to your liking)
EQ – Treble & Base
Vibrato On/ Off
Pitch range 440 -486hz
Stereo Pan, output the Chanter and Drones to separate channels, or spread the Bass and Tenor drone width
Metronome, 8 beat patterns, Volume control, Reverb and Pan
OLED brightness
Power time-out
Individual adjustable finger sensors for each hole
Audio output 3.5mm
USB (MIDI, recharging battery and updating software)
Rechargeable battery. Lifespan 8-10 years

Updateable – Yes. Download the free Blair Bagpipes App to load more bagpipe sounds.

What’s in the box
1x Blair Digital Chanter with mouthpiece
1x high-quality case made by Bagpiper case
1x USB lead
1x Instruction manual

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