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You can’t be a great piper without the right combination of training, experience, and ability, and that is also true of bagpipe makers. To understand why the Naill bagpipe is so good, you have to know about the man behind the name, bagpipe maker Leslie Cowell.

Les Cowell’s years of training and experience as an instrument maker went into the design and manufacture of the Naill bagpipe, and in the early years of the company David Naill set new standards of excellence and expectation in the way bagpipes are finished—from exquisite turning and bores, to precise beading and combing, and in-house silversmiths whose work easily surpassed anything on the market.

From the very early years, Les sought input from champion players, and throughout the years since, the instrument’s quality has been the result of the marriage of unsurpassed craftsmanship with the master player’s ear for what makes the best-sounding instrument.



The Pipe Box

The Pipe Box

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The Dancing Bag

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